James Sulikowski interviewed after shark sighting at Maine beach

Sulkowski headshot James Sulikowski, Ph.D., professor of Marine Science at the University of New England, was interviewed after a shark was spotted multiple times off the coast of Wells, Maine.

Sulikowski told WCSH that the shark was likely a basking shark, which is large but has no teeth and feeds on plankton. But he said more white sharks should be expected in Maine waters.

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Shark Week in Maine – Episode featuring UNE researcher to air this July

Sulikowksi and student researcherOn July 24, 2017 at 8 p.m., Discovery will air an episode of its iconic “Shark Week” series titled, “Shark Vortex.” Portions of the episode were shot off the coast of Maine and in the marine science labs at the University of New England.

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UNE Marine Science students travel to Mississippi to study sharks in the Gulf Coast

Gulf Coast shark researchStudents with the Sulikowski Shark and Fish Research Lab and the University of New England Center for Excellence in Marine Sciences traveled to Mississippi with Professor James Sulikowski, Ph.D., to study sharks off the Gulf Coast.

The trip is part of a trawl course Sulikowski teaches that gives students the opportunity to study at the Gulf Coast Research Lab. They examine how fish respond physiologically to climate change and other human induced stress, such as capture.

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UNE featured in National Geographic Museum “Sharks” exhibit

National Geographic Magazine shark exhibitUltrasound technology used by James Sulikowski, Ph.D., professor of Marine Science at the University of New England, to study the reproductive behavior of sharks is on display at the National Geographic Museum in Washington, D.C.

The ultrasound machine, originally intended for humans, was designed to stand up to the harsh conditions at sea. The technology provided the first opportunity for scientists to study shark reproduction on live sharks.

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UNE’s James Sulikowski interviewed by ‘Travel and Leisure’ magazine

w_JamesSulikowsiJames Sulikowski, Ph.D., University of New England professor of Marine Sciences, was interviewed by Travel and Leisure magazine about shark attacks.

The article, titled, “Why We’re Afraid of Shark Attacks (But Probably Shouldn’t Be)” gives historical context to humans’ fear of sharks, dating back to a series of shark attacks in New Jersey in 1916. The article explains the risk analysis that takes place in the brain when people think about sharks, and why there is often irrational fear of the animals.

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UNE’s James Sulikowski weighs in on shark culling for ‘Men’s Journal’

w_JamesSulikowsiJames Sulikowski, Ph.D., professor of Marine Sciences at the University of New England, was interviewed by ‘Men’s Journal’ for an article on the practice of shark culling.

Shark culling is a wildlife management concept aimed at systematically reducing a population of sharks in a given area, typically near swimming beaches or in places where numerous attacks have taken place.

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