Reclassify as an aquatic mammal?

Southern Maine is having quite a squirrel year.  Sadly, there are incredible numbers dying as roadkill–likely young of year dispersing and looking for suitable habitat.  Apparently not all squirrels are taking to the roads.  I received this email today from a colleague…..

I wanted to let you know about a neat thing we say on our Saco River boat trip today.

During our trip we saw 4 squirrels swimming across the Saco River.

Even the Captain had never seen this before. It was a high tide, over 10 feet and the tide was an hour from slack.

We saw the squirrels in  4 different places on the river, swimming in both directions both toward Biddeford and toward Saco.

Their tails stuck out of the water a little.Gray squirrel swimming the Saco River Sept 12_2018

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