I should go away more often….

November 12th, 2015 by nperlut

While I was away for a month (don’t be sad for me, I was doing research in the Galapagos) the mighty Squirrelologists had a series of fascinating field observations.  Hopefully I can remember some of the highlights:

Rocket: observed, on two occasions, white-breasted nuthatches (I believe he said two birds together) going into a squirrel nest, and only leaving when the squirrel returned.

Jeremy: while walking through the center of campus as dusk, a flying squirrel flew into him.  Luckily no injuries on either side.  Jeremy also observed a grey squirrel crossing above the road on utility wires fall off the wires, land on the pavement, and run away.


Black (grey!) squirrels in Maine

November 12th, 2015 by nperlut

Check out this interesting article in the Bangor Daily News from 11/12/15 on the apparently recent increase of black squirrels in Maine.  It also details a historical transport between Michigan and Massachusetts.  I’m a bit surprised there is no mention of the latitudinal theory of this color morph, where black is an adaptation to hold on to heat for more northern populations….