a hearty bunch of squirrelologists

April 11th, 2014 by nperlut

And here they are (well, 10 out of 14).  The Spring 2014 Squirrelologists:

The Spring 2014 Squirrelologists: from back left to front right: Zach Delorenzo, Alec Batceheller, Ryan Fawcett; Chito Hernandez,Shane Murphy, Sarah Fleischmann, Erika Iacona, Shannon Gillen, Sarah Croston, Sam Peterson. Missing Rocket Hart, Shawn Nguyen, Matt Miller, Jake Farrell.
When I asked them to act like their study species, well, this is the best I got.  Although they are a valiance field crew, this enactment is not terribly impressive.
acting squirrely

April fools squirreling around

April 2nd, 2014 by nperlut

Sarah Fleischmann, a dedicated squirrelologist, returned to her dorm room on April 1st to find an invasion by >40 Sciurus carolinensis.  They are plotting and watching–revenge for chasing them around all the time!!!