the memorable Project Squirrel

April 11th, 2013 by nperlut

A 2013 UNE graduate, Michelle Forbes (ENV/BIO double major), recently sent me the following email:
My friend from Scotland, whom I met in Honduras asked a group of her friends to provide a “snapshot” of their school, something that makes it unique… Couldn’t think of anything more unique than squirrel tagging… take a look! 🙂
What is most amazing about this to me is that Michelle did not work on the project. She did experience it for a lab class. Apparently though, the project was rather memorable.
Here is a link to the story in The Saint, the student news paper at St. Andrews University, Scotland:

keeping them busy

April 11th, 2013 by nperlut

Its good to keep these squirrelologists busy. We put on a 5th active collar yesterday afternoon–a very figity male who lives a bit too close to two large parking lots and one 35 mph road. We shall see how he fares…..

And interestingly, I recently got a resight from a neighbor of the university. One of our collared squirrels has been crossing a 25mph road to feed at her 2nd story bird feeder. Whoa!