good things to come

The squirrelologist blog has been quiet for some time–however the work has continued gangbusters.  We have collected tons of cool data over the last six months, and GIS-extraordinaire Cassandra Smith is hard as work on a new home range analysis (see her first map below).  The Spring semester crew starts work on Wed.  We have got a few new collars to put on, though trapping is always tough this time of year.  The last week has been very cold in southern Maine–and the next few days seems to be a bit more temperate.  Perfect for catching a few squirrels.

3 Responses to “good things to come”

  1. nperlut says:

    Hi Ed, I realize you wrote this post years ago, and i just found it. Just in case you are still dialed in: we study Sciurus carolinensis. Data is ongoing–although I do have some new maps that will be updated soon. No, we are not testing for disease, but I do wish we had a collaborator who would be interested in this.


  2. Ed Foster says:

    What sub species of squirrel are you studying? where can I see the data? Are you testing them for disease at time of collaring?

  3. M.T. says:

    I just stumbled across the blog and I’ve got say what you are doing is incredibly interesting. I see you’ve made some updates and I hope read more about the squirrels and the research you’re doing. I know you are probably all set being a university, but I just saw some humane squirrel traps for sale on if you guys are in need. Keep up the good work!


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