a little preliminary data

August 10th, 2011 by nperlut

Veteran squirrelologist, Cody Chretien, has been hard at work with the telemetry map (soon to be improved on the website!) and analyzing the movement data.  A few interesting points to share from 12 collared squirrels.  First, home range averages around 3 ha (7.5 acres).  This is large compared to a few other eastern studies we looked at, although small compared to an introduced population.  And as with other studies, male home ranges are larger than female.  Of super intriguing squirrel behavior…. he separated squirrels living in the campus core from those living on the campus periphery.  Core squirrels had much smaller home ranges than periphery squirrels, suggesting that core squirrels can rely on our handouts.  More to come on this….