The last hoorah!

I’ve spent the past week exploring Geneva, a little of France, and Amsterdam. All I can say is Wow, it’s a big world out there. Colin Longhurst and I took a six hour bus ride to Madrid where we took a plane to Geneva. We decided to stay across the border in a little French town called Annemasse. Geneva is one the most expensive cities in the world, but it’s also one of the most beautiful. We figured staying in France would allow us to save a little money; as I’m sure you can imagine, finances have gotten tight since we’ve been here.  Regardless, we had an amazing and relaxing time.  A few highlights included The Natural History Museum, the WTO and the United Nations headquarters.  Actually, there are too many to list, everywhere had something cool!  Possibly my favorite part was looking up at basically any point and being surrounded by the Alps.  We spent quite some time walking around Lake Geneva.  Annemasse was a great place to stay even though it’s basically the opposite of a tourist town.  It was quiet and relaxed with affordable dining options.  One thing that struck me was the diversity of Geneva.  I have seen a very small amount of the globe, but I felt like I was in the midst of people from all different cultures and countries.  America is often referred to as a cultural melting pot, Geneva has a similar feel. 

The Alps!

Massive geese (Colin Longhurst shown for size proportion)

An animal exhibit at Geneva’s natural history museum

Just a typical day.

Not really sure why, but nearly every main street has some sort of road race.

Walking through the center of Geneva was a flashy display of luxury brands and expensive restaurants.  Unfortunately, Colin and I had no where near enough money to try much of the Swiss dining, but I’m still thrilled with what we saw and did.

Amsterdam-bound, once again notice the Alps

Fortunately, Amsterdam proved to be a little more affordable.  The food was good and not too expensive, and the sights were within our price range.  A group of us took a tour of Amsterdam’s sprawling system of canals, we took a really interesting tour of the Heineken factory and we even visited the the Van Gogh art museum.  All of these were really fun!  Amsterdam certainly is an interesting place, and whatever brought you, you’re bound to find it around nearly every corner!  That being said, the city may not be for the faint of heart.  You’ll find lots of international English speakers, but the city’s reputation often makes for an overwhelming (but of course exciting!) experience

We’ve found a lot of things in Europe, Colin and Kylie found each other

Wow, what a trip!  Now it’s on to final exams….  Thanks for reading!

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