This past weekend was my much anticipated weekend trip to Barcelona with friends from the group. Obviously, the highlight of the trip was sensation music festival, but the whole weekend blew my mind! After the somewhat tedious process of booking our flight, hostel and tickets, we had nothing to do but sit and wait for what would prove to be one of the best weekends of my life. Friday included getting lost for hours in the sprawling maze of scenery which is Barcelona. This city is much larger than Sevilla and has a more big city feel. In addition to this, many people there speak Catalan and English, as well as Spanish. I’m beginning to realize that Spain itself has many different cultures. Anyway, on Friday we finally found our way to Parque Geull, a huge art filled park situated on a peak in Barcelona.

At one point, several of us sat up on a wall. This offered a breathtaking view of the city.

That night we decided to visit a nightclub called Razzmataz. This disco is one of the best Barcelona has to offer, and any best of what Barcelona has to offer is bound to be pretty awesome! Being a Friday night, the entire club was packed with Spaniards, Americans and other Europeans. The first floor was a live rock concert. After seeing this I now have a vested interest in investigating Spanish rock. The second floor was an energetic rave, this would be just a taste of what we would find at Sensation. Off from this main room were several smaller dance scenes. All in all a pretty fun tonight, we made our way back to the hostel. We had a very long day ahead of us.


We started off the day by going out for brunch.  I was feeling a little homesick so I decided to go American and get eggs, toast and bacon.  However, as always I couldn’t escape one aspect of Spanish dining.  My coffee was possibly the strongest one I’d ever had!  Today we had planned on touring Sagrada Familia, a massive Cathedral constructed by architect Antonio Guadi.  If you’re ever in Barcelona I would recommend, no, I would insist that you come here.

Obviously the view was incredible from OUTSIDE, so naturally upon entering I thought my head would explode from the coolness of the architecture.  Guadi began construction on the cathedral in 1882, but modern architects have continued work on the monument.  We walked around taking in the scenery and listening to our audio tours. 


After soaking up some Spanish culture, we prepared for the main act, Sensation.  As we all dawned our white clothing and determined a schedule for the night, one could feel the anticipation in the air, not just from us but from the entire city of Barcelona.  We met at Plaza de Espana, and began our trek to the stadium.  In true Spanish fashion, we arrived one hour late to allow the festival some time to heat up.  We entered to the sound of pounding bass and cheers from the crowd.

I’ll let you get an idea of the time we had from this picture.  It goes without saying, we were not disappointed.  We ended our night exhausted but immensely thrilled at 7 Am.  The next day we slept it not out of choice, but out of necessity.  We decided to explore the shopping district of Las Ramblas, a goldmine of souvenirs, restaurants and monuments.  The end of the district merged with the beach.  Barcelona’s beaches have been rated some of the best in the world.  Honestly, I wasn’t even aware that Barcelona was on the coast until a friend recommended that I pack a bathing suit hahaha.  We sat on the beach and one of our friends even received a back massage from a nomadic masseuse.



We concluded the night with a nice dinner at Las Ramblas.  Our flight departed at 6 Am the next morning.  Beaten and battered we boarded a flight back to Sevilla.  Weekend = Success.

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