Conil, the Cathedral, and the future

Hey everyone, earlier this week some friends and I made a trip to the famous Cathedral of Sevilla. As the largest Cathedral in Spain, it has earned itself quite a reputation, and there was no way I was going to miss an opportunity to pay it a visit. The view from outside the actual cathedral was extremely impressive, so obviously the view from the top of the tower was absolutely breathtaking.

In addition to this, last weekend I spent a night in the beach town of Conil, located next to Cadiz. The beach season has just about passed here in Sevilla, but we still spent the entire day enjoying the sun and swimming in the ocean. We spent the night exploring the town and trying out various restaurants and bars. Spanish culture has indeed abounded in these last few weeks!!

This weekend, I’ll be in Barcelona for a music festival which I’m immensely excited for. I like to consider it a vacation from a vacation, so to speak. I also have several travel plans for the future, including Morocco!! You may ask “Why do you travel so much Matt? If you loved Portugal so much then why didn’t you just study there instead?” Well, yes Portugal was beautiful, and everywhere I’ve been so far is as well. However, I can’t think of a more perfect place to return to and continue my studies than Sevilla. Thanks for reading guys, talk to you soon.

Also, I’ve uploaded another short video on Sevilla!  And more of my newly taken photos are available here.


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