Hello UNE!  This is Matt Buonopane blogging from Spain where I am studying abroad with 7 other UNE students on the UNE Semester in Seville program. I love Spain!! I can honestly say that my first two weeks in Spain have been the most fun and enriching weeks of my life. Good thing I still have an entire semester! I want my first blog entry to summarize everything I’ve experienced since I’ve arrived, but explaining just how amazing Seville is will be quite a daunting task. That being said, I’ll do my best to describe just how much fun I’ve had. When Alison Yuen, Colin Longhurst and I first arrived we needed to hit the ground running. Alison and I met Colin by chance in the Munich, Germany airport. All three of us were bursting with excitement and anticipation. I like the way Alison described it. “Matt, you know we’re about to begin an epic journey, right?!” It hadn’t hit me yet, but we really were about begin possibly the coolest four months of our lives. The three of us were dropped off by our taxi at the Hotel Becquer. To break the ice our CIEE guides took our entire group (fifty-something people from all over the U.S.) out for drinks at Calle Betiz, one of the nightlife hotspots of Seville. I didn’t realize it at the time, but the others in our program would quickly become my family and some the coolest people I’d ever met. There hasn’t been a dull moment so far, but some of my highlights include a beach trip to Jerez, wine tasting at the Tio Pepe Winery (, a tour of the Cathedral of Seville ( and getting hopelessly lost in Seville’s architecture. Moments I’ve shared with my host family, the food and the day to day routine deserve their own separate blog entries. I’ll be regularly updating so keep reading. I’m not even quite sure what to expect but I’m eagerly awaiting what Spain has to offer!!

I’ve made a short video which shows some cool parts of the town where we spend a lot of our time.  At the end is a brief interview with some friends from our program.


Many more photos can be found at

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