Remediation Project

For this project, I remediated a film project that I did in my Music in Film & Animation class in the Spring 2011 term. The original project was to make an original film and provide a score/soundtrack for the five minute film.  To remediate this project I did a “special edition” DVD with the original movie; a director’s commentary bonus feature in which I used voiceover to explain my music choices of the film; a “making of” featurette where I gave a quick 10 minute introduction to the video explaining the original project and talked about some of the film making process and then proceeded to provide a voiceover for the film this time explaining some behind the scene tidbits; and a short gag reel. This relates to what we talked about in class because it is hypermediated (obviously having my voice in the movie takes away from the film itself and makes the medium obvious) and yet it is immediate (you can choose to watch the film itself which is not obviously a film). It also uses Unsworth’s primitives because I take examples (samples) to talk about during my voice over and I make reference to the film in order to give interesting facts about it. The voice over is a form of annotation and it allows for the audience to discover “behind the scenes” facts.  You can compare the original film to the commentary films as well. Below I have provided screen shots of the DVD menu that I made.

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