HIS 370: Slavery in the New World

This course examined the role of Africans and their descendants in the making of the New World. First we learned about the lives of Africans in Africa before their coerced migration to the Americas and the Caribbean. After briefly examining the process of enslaving Africans and transporting them to the New World, we proceeded to learn about the lives of Africans in a variety of different geographical settings and contexts, from slaves engaged in the production of tobacco in South Carolina and Cuba to free(d) blacks in Brazil and Mexico. Over the course of the semester, we examined how notions and customs regarding race, gender, class, and religion shaped the lives of everyday Africans and their descendants in the New World.

For this final paper, we had to write an essay analyzing the factors that lead up to the Haitian Revolution, who it involved, and why it was successful. We had to support this thesis using the book, “Avengers of the New World: The Story of the Haitian Revolution.”

Haitian Revolution

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