Welcome to my ePortfolio.

As a senior quickly approaching my last semester as an undergraduate, I have accumulated a decent collection of essays, projects and the like. In this ePortfolio, I have organized some of the work that I am particularly proud of and think have contributed to my knowledge that will assist in achieving my ultimate professional goals, which is to work for the Walt Disney Company.

I do not have as much work as I would like to have because I was an Occupational Therapy major for the first three years of my undergraduate career, so I do not have a lot of projects and papers to add, nor would they be relevant.

I have included work I have done from Spring 2013 semester and Fall 2013 semester, including essays and projects from several history and English courses I have taken. I am a Liberal Studies major so I have mostly taken courses in these subjects.

UNE describes the Liberal Studies major as follows: The liberal studies major challenges students to understand and evaluate human values, cultures and ideas as they are expressed in the various Humanities disciplines. The work that I have included in this portfolio provides evidence to this mission statement.

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