The End to a Great Year!

June 10th, 2013 by reling

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Thanks to everyone from the Westbrook College of Health Professions, College of Osteopathic Medicine and College of Pharmacy for a fun and insightful year!  We look forward to working with you and your students in the coming 2013/2014 Academic Year.  Enjoy your summer!

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May Endings and Beginnings

May 29th, 2012 by cmorris

The month of May is a time when we say good-bye to many of our health professions students who have graduated or are heading out for clinical rotations. It is also a time when new students are arriving to begin their studies while others continue their studies during the summer semester.

Student practices the "Six Rights" of Medication Administration


Simulation Semester

March 30th, 2012 by cmorris

Our Simulated Baby Shower was a fun way to introduce the new Gaumard simulation family to faculty and friends. Balloons and cake added to the festive atmosphere which brightened a dreary February day. Since that time Adult Hal, Susie and Newborn Hal have provided many learning opportunities to students in a variety of programs including nursing, nurse anesthesia, pharmacy and osteopathic medicine. Students from the physician assistant program booked their own time with the new mannequins to hone their assessment skills. Check out the photos below for a preview of the variety of simulation sessions that occurred these last couple of months.

Nursing students are introduced to Hal.

MSNA students spend time with Hal practicing induction.

Susie is invited to COM.

Pharmacy students assess Hal and 3G's lung sounds.

Newborn Hal meets nursing faculty and participates in Maternity class simulations.

Nursing students with Pediatric Hal

PA student, with Ryan, practicing on her own time.

You can see there has been a lot going on around here but the activity is not all focused around the mannequins. Our volunteer actors (thanks to UNE staff, faculty and students from McAuley High School) were busy working with social work students participating in simulations that provided opportunities to practice counseling a “family” in crisis.

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New Year, New Faces

January 19th, 2012 by cmorris

Our new family: Suzie, Hal and Baby Hal

It is with great excitement that we share the wonderful news about our ever-expanding family of high-fidelity simulators.  Thanks to some capital funding, the Clinical Simulation Program was able to acquire three Gaumard simulators: Advanced Airway Hal, Susie and Newborn Hal.  This new equipment will allow our labs to serve more students and faculty, and brings diversity to simulation scenarios.

The Susie simulator is our first female high fidelity simulator.  No more unconvincing, broad shouldered “lady” in lab: we now have a real fake woman.  Major features that Susie brings to the table are: interchangeable breasts with a variety of tumors and growths; multiple palpable pulses, auscultation sounds and reactive eyes.

Advanced Airway Hal is our first non-white simulator; it is so great to see simulator manufacturers helping educators to bring ethnic and cultural components to simulation.  In addition, Hal has a greater level of control with his airway and lungs: he has adjustable inspiratory and expiratory times, as well as a greater range of lung compliance.  Soon to be tested will be his drug recognition system: here’s hoping it works flawlessly and allow learners to get rapid feedback on their treatment.

And, of course, the baby.  Newborn Hal is a perfect little bundle of cuteness, if you think robots are cute.  As a smaller and wireless baby simulator, he adds realism to scenarios: mommy and daddy can hold and care for him, along with student learners.  He has a replaceable umbilical that can be cut, pulses (umbilical, brachial, fontanael) and chest rise.  By far the coolest feature, though, is his muscle tone: his arms will move, go limp or spasm.  It is pretty wild to hold a robot baby that cries and wiggles in your arms.

With all these new members to our family, we want to invite you all to a Baby Shower:

Come by on February 14th to say hi to our new simulators and catch up with some of our veteran manikins.

Hope everyone has a great start to the spring semester.

Semester End

December 16th, 2011 by cmorris

It’s hard to believe that another semester is coming to an end. Students are finishing up taking final exams and are ready for a well deserved break. It’s time to reflect on the activities here at CSP during these last several weeks.

To improve their diagnostic skills, RN to BSN students in Professor Carol MacLeod’s class spent some time with Gene (3G) as part of their assessment course. They listened to Gene’s heart and lung sounds, identifying the characteristics of  a variety of normal and abnormal sounds.  At the end of the semester they returned to the simlabs for their final exam. Pairs of students performed assessments on each other while their instructor observed, via video feed to our adjoining debriefing room. Each assessment was recorded and uploaded to their Blackboard class platform. Students viewed their own assessment and evaluated their performance. They submitted their comments to receive feedback and their final grade.

RN students practicing their assessment skills.

Gene provides opportunities for RN's to practice assessment skills.

Professor Mariann Mankowski’s Social Work students taking Advanced Clinical Theories for Practice with Individuals, had the opportunity to conduct a therapy session with an actor client who played a role based on a case study. Each student from the class spent 20 minutes with the client, using interventions based on a specific clinical theory. Classmates in the adjoining classroom watched the live video feed.  At the conclusion of the session students were able to obtain feedback from their instructor and the actor.

Practice in Medicine & Health students also came to the simulation labs to practice meeting with a family members in the hospital setting. Professor Cindy Tack developed scenarios the allowed her students the opportunity to gather assessment information, provide interventions and build rapport with various family members, while navigating space, equipment and distractions in a busy hospital intensive care room.

Honing counseling skills in the Sim lab


Social work students meet the "client" during debriefing session.

A clinical case was presented to Physician Assistant students during weekly Integrating Seminars held in the simulation labs. One student was assigned the role of the patient while teams of two students took turns practicing their assessment and interview skills. Four teams of students systematically completed a head to toe assessment of their “client.” They took a history and performed a physical exam on the “patient” based on his/her chief complaint. Each team received feedback from their fellow students and faculty.

PA students Integrating Seminar debriefing session.

Nurse Anesthesia students spent many hours in the skills lab (Blewett 203) this semester. Besides practicing a variety of task training skills, they also had hands on practice on the anesthesia machine. Prior to coming to the machine check lab, they watched a video filmed in the simulations labs, starring MSNA Director Maribeth Massie. The video provided information about how to perform a comprehensive check of the anesthesia machine.

MSNA students task training practice lab session.

Cynthia and Ryan were delighted to host aspiring health professions students from Westbrook Regional High School who had the opportunity to see what goes on here at CSP and to practice some of the skills that they have been learning in their Introduction to Health Professions course. Students were enthusiastic and looked very professional in their scrubs.  They were an impressive group of young people and several expressed the desire to attend UNE. We hope they do!

Westbrook Regional students visit with SimMan 3G.

Nursing 201 (Medical Surgical Nursing II) students, under the direction of Professor Dawne-Marie Dunbar, continued their weekly visits to the simlab. They were always enthusiastic learners and appreciative of the opportunity to practice caring for a variety of different simulated patients here in at CSP. We saw fewer nursing students this past semester because of the transition from our ADN program to our new BSN program. We look forward to next fall when the first class of BSN nursing students (currently sophomores in Biddeford) will arrive on this campus and begin learning clinical skills in the simulation labs.

Nursing students meet their post operative patient.

We’ve had a great semester and are already busy collaborating with faculty and planning for a busy spring semester. Check back with us next month to learn all about the newest members of our simulation family. Very exciting!

Happy Holidays to All.

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

See you in January!

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