Delightful December

December 16th, 2010 by cmorris

December has been an active month in the simulation labs. Fundamentals of Nursing students returned for their third and fourth sessions in the sim lab. During session three the students were assigned a patient and were charged with administering medications. Students know the importance of  following the guidelines for safe administration of drugs using the Five Rights (right patient, dose, route, drug and time). They appreciated the opportunity to practice this important skill. During session four, SimMan served as the patient for a NSG 201 (second year) student who demonstrated how to perform a head-to-toe assessment. Students then practiced their skills on live “patients” (second year student vounteers) and were observed and evaluated by faculty.

Ryan’s enthusiasm and creativity are proving to be quite an asset to our program. He is adept at discovering ways to improve our processes and has a talent for trouble shooting the many little technical issues that can crop up. We are especially pleased that our CSP server is now housing podcasts on custom blogs. Using this familiar platform makes a very user friendly site for students to access videos of simulations. Next we want students to be able access our server from off campus and Ryan has initiated the process to allow this to happen!

Ryan at work


Social Work in Practice Students were in the simulation labs for their first experience. Members of Shelley Cohen Konrad’s class had an excellent introduction to the benefits of practicing interview skills in the lab setting.  An actor played the role of a homeless person who was dealing with a difficult diagnosis. Two students interviewed the “client” while the rest of the class observed via video feed. During the debriefing session students reacted to their experience and received feedback from fellow students and the client actor.

“Everyone has to try this, it was a very valuable learning experience.”

Greeting the Client

Simulation Prezi

Cynthia has offered to meet with faculty from all of the health professions disciplines on the Westbrook College Campus (WCC) and recently was invited to speak about “Simulation Opportunities” in nursing. The faculty of the Nursing Department are proponents of simulation and continue to develop plans for  further integration of this teaching modality into nursing courses.

During this December faculty development session, participants were given an overview of the program and the many possibilites for utilizing simulation to prepare nursing students. There was extended discussion related to development of interprofessional opportunities for students at UNE. Faculty are looking at developing connections with colleagues from other health professions on the WCC.

Cynthia has also presented at an Occupational Therapy faculty meeting and looks forward to invitations from other departments who are interested in a Clinical Simulation Program update.

Lisa Lambert poses with Nursing Anne

Nursing Anne is one of our medium fidelity simulators who was reintroduced to the Nursing faculty at  their December faculty development workshop. Nursing 101 faculty are enthusiastic about using Nursing Anne for their students as they prepare for their first rotations in the hospital setting. They will use her to hone their auscultation skills and will practice urinary catheterization during open lab times in January.

THis patient is complaining of chest pain.

Fifty-two Medical Surgical second-year nursing students were in the simulation labs at various times throughout the semester. They cared for patients with a variety of clinical issues and were enthusiastic about their experiences.

“This was a wonderful learning exsperience. I completely enjoyed everything and realize the value of sim. :-)”

“Today was an awesome learning experience!”

“More sim :-)”

Good to go!

We’ll be back in January. In the meantime, Happy Holidays to you all!

Goodbye…for now

June 11th, 2010 by njandreau

Enjoying St. Kitts last year!

Hello sim folks,

I have moved on to take an exciting new job at Maine Medical Center as the Chief Simulation Specialist. So I won’t be providing my progress updates and  blogs for the University of New England anymore. UNE is commited to continuing the blog in some capacity and there will be an announcement of some sort so you can keep up as usual.

I will also be starting a new Maine Medical simulation blog about the new simulation center’s progress and implementation plan. It should be pretty interesting and informative as it is a very complex and overarching project with a ton of technology, infrastructure and architectural highlights.

Thanks to all of you who have checked out the robotodd posts these past two and a half years. I appreciate your comments and your attention to this growing field of experiential learning.

See you soon as a new sim blogger!


Pictures are worth a thousand words…

March 3rd, 2010 by njandreau

Moderating the film sessions at the International Meeting on Simulation in Health Care -Phoenix AZ. 2010.

Maine Med ED residents with our pediatric simulator and Cynthia playing grandma.

Surgery simulation happening live with audience up very close. (IMSH meeting-Phoenix, AZ. 2010)

Maine Medical's Anesthesia residents working in the simulated PACU.

Orienting the MNA students with Professor Lucy Bauer.

SimMan in a temporary location so more students can get involved at once.

Well, as usual I haven’t been able to blog as often I would have liked to. That’s because we have been busier than ever. In fact in the last two years we’ve done 33 percent more simulations than the previous year.

So Cynthia Morris and I have learned to do what we do more efficiently and also have tried to empower our users to do what they do even better.

Instead of going on and on like usual, I will let our pictures from the last two months do the “talking” for me. Enjoy.

Thanks for tuning in and check out the new “DubLab” widget I have in the right column. This is an excellent internet radio station and all around awesome independent music resource. A true non profit station with no acommercials and tons of diversity. Sublime, sexy, strange, strong and solid. I listen to it every day.


Cynthia Morris moderating and presenting at the International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare(IMSH 2010) film series.

SimMan in a specially set up suite for the MNA students. (Who's that guy on the screen?)

Pedi Hal at the Waterboro science night. He was a hit with the kiddies!

Professor Dawne-Marie Dunbar taking the place of SimMan as new Mom.

Assistant Professor Leah Coplon prepping nursing studentsfor an OB simulation.

That's me as a hypomanic patient in the psych ward and the student is calming me.

PA instructor Patrick Enking playing a patient with a personality disorder.

Nursing students teaching "Mom" to feed her baby.

Engaged nursing student exiting simlab.

Pedi HAL waiting for his grandma and ED residents to help him.

PA student diagnosing a pediatric patient.

Nursing instructor with an identity crisis!

Answering technical and clinical questions with Lucy.

The view from the control room during a social work simulation. Hey look-real people!

Professor Shelley Cohen Konrad preparing social work students before they see their sim-clients.

I played the homeless guy whose meds got changed up. ED residents had to diagnose and "treat" me..

Very realistic guts that bled were part of this excellent sim-presentation at IMSH 2010.

PA student giving "hands on" attention to her patient.

Pumping up the portable simlab at IMSH 2010-Phoenix, AZ. Dr. Roger Kneebone in background.

A very nice theatre was setup for simulation filmmakers. Cynthia and I moderated this year at IMSH 2010.

Dr. Roger Kneebone addressing attendees while "igloo" is being closed and sim players prepare a case presentation.

The fully pumped up sim "igloo" is closed while Dr. Kneebone adresses the attendees and the sim players change into scrubs at IMSH 2010-Phoenix, AZ.