Spring’s Simulations

As the semester comes to a close, there has been a buzz of activity here at CSP. Students taking a variety of courses in the nursing program have taken advantage of the opportunity to hone their skills by practicing caring for patients in the simulation labs.

Medical surgical nursing students have cared for a variety of patients and have been beta testing Lippincott’s new Docucare Electronic Health Record.

"Marilyn Hughes" (aka 3G) awaits the arrival of nursing students.

Students taking a health education course were given teaching assignments. Community members were kind enough to volunteer to be the client who would benefit from working with a nurse educator.

An actor from the community volunteered to help nursing students practice their teaching skills.

Nursing students taking an assessment course were recorded as they performed a head to toe assessment. The recordings were placed on Blackboard (UNE’s Web-based Learning Platform) so that the students could review and evaluate their performance.

Nursing students in the simulation labs demonstrating their head-to-toe assessment skills.

Sophomore nursing students were introduced to simulation. Each student had the chance to feel pulses, count respirations and take the blood pressure of one of two mannequins (SimMan Classic or Gaumard’s Susie).

Susie joined SimMan Classic on the Biddeford campus to meet with sophomore nursing students.

Nurse Anesthesia students continued to practice induction and emergence during open practice lab time and designated simlab skills labs.

MSNA students practice "emergence" with their post-op patient.

Physical Therapy student teams practiced working with a client with mobility issues. Also pictured below is a team of PT students who came to the sim lab to take photos for a Physical Therapy skills textbook.

Physical Therapy student photo shoot.

PT faculty member plays the role of a client so students can practice their skills.

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