Simulation Semester

March 30th, 2012 by cmorris

Our Simulated Baby Shower was a fun way to introduce the new Gaumard simulation family to faculty and friends. Balloons and cake added to the festive atmosphere which brightened a dreary February day. Since that time Adult Hal, Susie and Newborn Hal have provided many learning opportunities to students in a variety of programs including nursing, nurse anesthesia, pharmacy and osteopathic medicine. Students from the physician assistant program booked their own time with the new mannequins to hone their assessment skills. Check out the photos below for a preview of the variety of simulation sessions that occurred these last couple of months.

Nursing students are introduced to Hal.

MSNA students spend time with Hal practicing induction.

Susie is invited to COM.

Pharmacy students assess Hal and 3G's lung sounds.

Newborn Hal meets nursing faculty and participates in Maternity class simulations.

Nursing students with Pediatric Hal

PA student, with Ryan, practicing on her own time.

You can see there has been a lot going on around here but the activity is not all focused around the mannequins. Our volunteer actors (thanks to UNE staff, faculty and students from McAuley High School) were busy working with social work students participating in simulations that provided opportunities to practice counseling a “family” in crisis.

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