Fabulous February

It has been an eventful month here in the Clinical Simulation Program labs. Students from Nursing, PA, MSNA and Social Work have all had vibrant learning experiences using simulation as a component of their classes.

Nursing students from the specialty courses, Maternity, Pediatrics and Psych, along with Medical Surgical students have spent multiple hours in the simulation learning environment.

Nursing students team up to care for a patient with respiratory problems.

Maternity nursing students give SimMan a day off.

Shelley Cohen Konrad and Mariann Mankowski, Social Work faculty, provide rich learning experiences for their three SSW 553 Families classes. Students are practicing working with families in a therapeutic setting, incorporating family systems theory.

Social work students are back in the simulation labs working with actors playing the role of clients in need of counseling.

MSNA students spend time in the simulation labs using skills trainers on airway and skills lab days and demonstrate their induction skills on METI HPS. Two to three days a week these students are also allowed extra opportunities to practice induction skills during open lab time which makes demonstrating their induction skills for their instructor, Lisa Hogan, much less stressful.

Students appreciate the many opportunities to practice their airway skills.

METI HPS is used for laryngoscope practice.

The CSP staff look forward to PA student’s weekly Integrating Seminar simulation sessions. Each week the students are presented with a new case. They practice their assessment and critical thinking skills during these two hour sessions.

PA students enjoying learning in the simlab.

Simulation is becoming an integral part of interprofessional education and CSP is uniquely positioned to work with faculty to develop interprofessional experiences for UNE health professions students. Most recently the CSP staff collaborated with faculty from three health professions disciplines to film a case study for the presentation: IPE Case Study – Domestic Violence

Marji Harmer-Beem, Dental Hygiene faculty, is greeting her clients (actors) in the waiting room of the Dental Clinic.

Kirsten Thomsen, PA faculty, assesses client in IPE case.

Amy Coha, Social Work faculty, interviews client in IPE production.

Ryan and Cynthia were interviewed for videos that are being produced for the Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions Offices. It was a welcome opportunity to describe the importance of simulation in health professions education and to highlight this innovative teaching strategy.

Spotlight on Ryan with friends in the background.

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