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Posing for photographers with Nursing students.

Has it really been MONTHS since I last blogged? Hmmmm…

As you can imagine it’s busier than ever and I’ve included a bunch of new pics to get you up to date with the sim-happenings around here. The summer was really about setting up some new systems, learning new software and fixing and updating equipment. I also finished my ACLS training …which was handy.

So in non-chronological order here are a few pictures and some updates from the last few months.

1. Installed three professional, working head walls into the simlabs for more realism and training options.

Scott St. Pierre of Maine Oxy installing the oxy/air lines to our new headwalls.

Scott St. Pierre of Maine Oxy installing the oxy/air lines to our new head wall systems .

2. Began contracted simulation trainings with Maine Medical Center’s Anesthesiology residency program.

3. I did some simulation consulting work for our friends at Saint Joseph’s College. They’ve built a nice new simlab. Mostly I made recommendations on how things should be set up, which equipment to buy and then trained the users on some of the finer points of running and recording live simulations.

Simming at St. Joes

Training to be nurses at St. Joes.

4. Created case study films for Nursing, the Interprofessional Education (IPE) group and the College of Medicine (COM).These type of projects usually entail fleshing out an actual case with actors (faculty and professionals) in a specific setting going through the details with a patient, family member and caregiver. We’ve gotten more artsy with these films and often use multiple camera angles, takes and types and then we edit them with music and titles. We’ll be submitting two films to this year’s Society for Simulation in Healthcare meeting in Phoenix, Arizona. Check the link because they have updated their site recently and it’s more user friendly. Our films from the last two years are also posted there for members to view.

Untitled 0 00 01-10

Lori Power as the addicted Mom and Sherril Taub as the pushy nurse in "Critical Encounters".

5. Implemented services from our Mac server. I’ve started the process of setting up services from our big multimedia computer. With Mac OS X Snow Leopard server now installed we’ll soon be able to stream live simulations, create podcasts which can be securely accessed, share large files from afar and have room for critical backup. This system is slowly but surely going to end up being our own tailored data management system.

Untitled 0 00 12-16

PA students using the simlab for their Integrating Seminar.

Untitled 0 00 15-18

Professor Brenda Beckett in the debriefing room.

Untitled 0 02 04-24

A view of the StudioCode program while recording Maine Med's Anesthesiology residents.

6.The PA program is now using the simlabs regularly to do their integrating seminars. One student plays the patient while the others (in groups of 2) assess and provide care to the patient, while formulating a diagnosis. Other PA students and faculty watch from the debrief room and everyone gets to see and hear themselves(they cycle through) with the AV and recording system provided by the Clinical Simulation Program (CSP).

7. The School of Social Work has begun using the simulation labs as training ground for students. Adjunct professor Cynthia Tack created some hybrid cases for live simulation use and broadcast. Like with the PA’s and other folks we work with, the simulations are recorded and replayed in the debriefing room for discussion.

8. Showcased an interdisciplinary case study film created by the CSP and IPE for the 09 College of Health Professions Orientation. Hundreds of new students got to work on a case study with peers from other disciplines. The guided discussions followed the film-which was an interview with an Iraq War veteran who had multiple social, mental and physical ailments.

Video 2 0 00 16-09

Social Work simulations in progress.

Of course we are running simulations as usual this semester for various Nursing, MMC ED and MNA classes and have plans to work soon with our new College of Pharmacy.

Thanks for tuning in. Blog ya later….


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