Nona Spear -Nursing Instructor Extraordinaire - 1955 to 2008

Nona Spear -Nursing Instructor Extraordinaire - 1955 to 2008.

It is a sad week here at the University of New England. We have lost a dear friend, great educator and champion of the simulation program. Nona Spear lost her battle with cancer and passed away last Saturday. Services were held this week in Windham and South Portland Maine. Nona was the original simulation guru on campus and set up the procurement of the METI HPS and Laerdal SimMan simulators on the Portland campus four years ago. She had a strong hand in hiring me as a technician, training me and getting me up to speed with what I’d need to know medically and where the position would lead. I will never forget the chance she gave me and will not let the fire she lit go out.

From all of us here at UNE, I think I speak the truth when I say that there will never be another Nona Spear. We will miss her hearty laugh and powerful personality. No one cared more about students doing things the “right” way than she did. She will be missed dearly. Her spirit lives on in all of her friends at the University of New England. ————————————————————————–

Per usual there are many updates to highlight since last I blogged. Let’s get right to it.

Medical gas wall outlets!

Medical gas wall outlets!

-The Blewett 116 and 117 simlabs now have pressurized medical O2 from wall mounted hookups. These directly connect to the anesthesia machines in the rooms. This upgrade improves the efficiency and reality of the OR and ER simulations in these rooms.

– The SMARTboard install is complete for Blewett 203. The room just became a whole lot more versatile. Debriefings with Laerdal’s AVS system are possible with the touch of a finger. We also now have our regular CSP Users Group meetings in there and it will be a viewing room for completed video projects as well as a hub for brainstorming sessions.

Nursing students viewing simlab action through SMARTboard

Nursing students viewing simlab action through SMARTboard.

– CSP Coordinator Cynthia Morris has been uploading a ton of learning materials to the UNE Clinical Simulation Program Blackboard site. She has designed it to be a resource for our faculty and students. We will be continuing to expand this distance learning module throughout the coming months. For our sim users who have access to Blackboard here is the starting point. Have a look at the multiple materials at your fingertips.

-Professors Nina Turcato and Cliff Roberson of the Nurse Anesthesia program are presenting at the HPSN conference that METI hosts every year. This year in Tampa they are presenting: A Developmental Approach to Simulation in Nurse Anesthesia Education. Description:The University of New England’s School of Nurse Anesthesia faculty will describe their experiences in creating a developmentally appropriate simulation-based curriculum. The integration of simulation into the program occurred over a four year time span. The presentation will emphasize the course of faculty training in simulation-based learning techniques, as well as the creation of simulation modules appropriate for both the pre-clinical and clinical phase learner in the 27 month program. Curricular goals focus on technical and non-technical skills as well as the promotion of student reflection using an experiential learning model.

-I will be representing UNE as a presenter at the International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare in January. Our accepted video presentation is entitled “Emotive Immersive Transformative Simulation”. This video was created from footages gathered during an interdisciplinary simulation and composed in iMovie. The video might be streamed from the site after the conference. I’ll let you know.


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"See you" again in the next blog!

“See you” again in the next blog!

Todd “I play with dolls” Dadaleares

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