New semester, new simlabs!

September 17th, 2008 by njandreau

Welcome back simmers!

“They’re Back!”

The students are back and our newest simulation labs are ready to go! As we are digging into the new semester it’s fun to look back at some of the simulation projects we’ve tackled. This past summer was especially busy with the new labs getting finished, MNA’s Crisis Resource Management simulations happening, and Maine Medical’s ER residents running through 12 new scenarios created by Dr. Chris Bowe. One simulation in particular created quite a stir on campus.

Multidisciplinary simulation on the green!

Multidisciplinary simulation on the green!

Here is a link to a news story about that case.

Writing and presenting

We are proud of our Nurse Anesthesia faculty as they have truly taken simulation education to the next level in the past year. UNE’s MNA students are getting a 5 to 1 faculty to student training experience in our labs working with the METI HPS simulation system and using state of the art anesthesia equipment. Recently Nina Turcato and Cliff Roberson were published in the August 2008 AANA Journal where they shared their findings about simulation based education for Nurse Anesthetists. Here is the article in full- simulation-based-education-aana-article-une

UNE MNA and Nursing faculty setting up shop

UNE MNA and Nursing faculty setting up shop

Cynthia Morris-Associate Professor of Simulation Education-is taking a very interesting course at the Mayo Clinic Multidisciplinary Simulation Center called Instructor Development: Simulation-Based Education Design and Debriefing.

I will be speaking at the annual Society for Simulation in Healthcare meeting this year. As part of the Operations Track I’ll address IT needs and focus on streaming audio and video on a gigabit network. Here’s the Ops Track Agenda-imsh-ops-track-2009vtd

New labs up and running…

The Nursing Program christened our new simlabs and we all really enjoyed working in our new environment. While we are still awaiting a few smaller installs and the 2 way mirror, the technology is in place and working marvelously. Both SimMan and SimBaby are functioning and the new assessment/skills training/debrief room is a wonderful new addition to our program. Check out the newest pictures!

That’s just some of what’s happening folks. Tune in next month for the continuing adventures!