Bigger, Stronger…Faster!

August 19th, 2008 by njandreau
Acting as the patient voice and controller of vitals

Acting as the patient voice and controller.

Nothing keeps you busy throughout the summer like building another simlab! Presently we are about a month away from being totally set up. The plan is to separate the Laerdal and METI equipment to better streamline activities and also to better take care of our growing demand from the different programs we assist. We’ve simply needed more space for our growing program. So SimMan, SimBaby and Nursing Anne are now on the next floor up in a new lab which also houses our new office and second control room.

We’ll also now have a place to run our Heart Code ACLS certification package. This is a certified ACLS learning and testing program that allows folks to sign up and run through the ACLS tests over multiple hours. It’s a very well conceived program that actually does a lot of the work over the internet. When a student passes – it sends the info to the American Heart Association and they send the student their ACLS certification card! We will officially launch this in the fall of 08.

Laerdal's Heartcode ACLS traing package.

Laerdal's Heartcode ACLS Anywhere training package.

Other pieces coming together in the new rooms include:

1. New control room with control of 4 cameras, Hi-definition possibilities and control of SimMan and SimBaby.

Four camera view in new control room.
Four camera view through the AVS .
The "cord nightmare" of the half done control room.
The “cord nightmare” still undone.

2. Video and audio mixers for pre and post production.

3 . AVS streaming video server linked to classrooms at UNE.

4. A front desk, waiting area, new shelving and WINDOWS WITH A VIEW!

Office space with shelving!

A real desk and shelving!

5. Hospital and ICU type headwalls with air pumped in to simulate oxygen and suction.

6. New blackout shades to control the light.

7. Two way mirror for viewing from office to lab.

With the expansion to the upstairs it’s creating more room for our 2 METI HPS simulators and the anesthesia machines in our downstairs labs.This installation is happening soon too. The virtual OR and ER are getting a little more “real.”

Big/Little purchase: Well, we bought a Gaumard pediatric HAL simulator and we love him! He is my new favorite simulator to use for those impromptu demos that happen in the summer! He can be turned on in 1 minute and with his totally wireless capability, blinking eyes, superior sounds and pulses… he is a hit already.

He's totally wireless and so is the monitor behind him.

We’ve already used him in our hallway for a few scenarios and have plans to do a larger scale simulation with SMCC’s CCEMT program, ER residents and possibly passers by. I predict that Gaumard will sell alot of these simulators and so far I am totally impressed with the fidelity, usability and medical validity of this kid. Looking for a new simulator? Check out Gaumard. They are rising fast.

So many tasks still remain but progress is happening. This next year looks to be our busiest yet and with the planning we’ve done it should be our most successful. We’ll probably have some type of open house for the new simlab soon and will probably post pictures in the next blog.

Stay Tuned.