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June 4th, 2008 by njandreau

Another two months have passed! And again, we have been expanding our simulation activities.

PA students called to a code in the simlab during the ACLS course.PA students responding to a mock code in the simlab.


On April 17th and 18th we provided the PA program with the use of all of the simulation labs for a two day Advanced Cardiac Life Support course. ACLS instructor Doctor John Alexander-who lectured and taught with simulation-created the program with the Clinical Simulation Program staff.

48 students followed a nationally certified program model with the added enrichment of a dedicated high fidelity simulation experience threaded throughout. Cases such as Symptomatic Bradycardia and Pulseless Electrical Activity were run on high fidelity METI and Laerdal simulators and then diagnosed and treated clinically by the students.

PA students practicing the 2008 protocols for chest compressions.PA students performing chest compressions on a VitalSim mannequin

At times lectures were interrupted by mock codes that were called on the fly! Students were then cast into makeshift teams and shuffled into the simlab to treat a serious ACLS case. Several extra faculty and adjuncts were employed to present this important learning oppurtunity.


Shaun McGovern of Laerdal teaching some “sim-tricks” with the ALS simulator.Shaun McGovern teaching with the Laerdal ALS simulator

On May 16th and 17th we partnered with international simulation company-Laerdal-to host a Maine Simulation Users Network (SUN) meeting. As Maine is nationally ahead of the educational curve when it comes to teaching with simulation, it seemed appropriate to finally have the meeting here on UNE’s Westbrook campus and use our simlabs and environment. Attendees were from all over New England and were engaged and enthusiastic throughout the day and a half get together.

Clinicians, educators and technicians watching the live simulation.Clinicians and faculty watch live simulation at the 08 Maine SUN.

Simulation ideas, research findings, tricks and stories were shared and a live nursing simulation was simultaneously broadcast to the class where the thirty plus clinicians and teachers were. Laerdal’s Advanced Video System (AVS) was synced to the SimMan program and allowed the “watchers” to see 3 camera views, hear the sound, view the dynamically changing patient monitor and the case log as it unfolded.

Instructor Dawne-Marie Dunbar debriefing students after the simulation.Dawne-Marie debriefing students after a simulation while SimMan listens.

Below is the agenda for the 2 day event:




Recently Cynthia Morris and I presented to students from Kennebunk High School.

Here is the link to the story which was posted through the UNE News webpages.


The summer ahead looks even busier as we are implementing new simulators, new debriefing systems, high definition video capabilities and building our new simlabs and second control room. We will also be piloting a few new courses, taking our new pediatric simulator to kindergarten and upgrading our gas delivery systems. Please stay tuned for more of the latest happenings.

Thanks for reading on.

Todd “sim guy” Dadaleares