Catching Up!

February 25th, 2008 by njandreau

As you can tell (by the lack of blogs) it’s been a very busy semester and the UNE SimLog has also been moved to At any rate, here again are some of accomplishments and goals reached over the past few months:


1. The Occupational Therapy Department used the simlabs for testing. Students assessed live patients (actors) who had neurological deficiencies. We simulated the patient’s vital signs with our sim technology and recorded all the student assessments and debriefings.

ot1.jpeg OT student with standardized patient and “vitals” superimposed.

Bill Croninger and Regi Robnett – OT instructors- played the patients.

2. The Nursing Program featured a hybrid type scenario where the first stage of the case was filmed and the next stages used the Laerdal MegaCode Kid and the students worked with him in an ER setting. My son Uther was the actor for the first stage of the case and then we took his clothes for the simulator to wear!

uther-pic.jpeg Uther as sick kid and Jen Morton -nursing instructor- playing school nurse.

dawne-mom-with-pedi.jpgDawne-Marie Dunbar playing Mom.


3. Cynthia and I also attended the International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare. It was an amazing meeting with a ton of inspiring lectures, features, equipment and speakers. I have included a few pictures below.

imsh-techno-suite.jpg One of the many booths at IMSH.

gaumard-pedi1.jpg The Gaumard pediatric simulator is completely tetherless! We want one!

laerdal-neonate1.jpgNew Laerdal Neonatal Simulator runs on the VitalSim system. Pretty cool.


4. Another large project on the horizon is our expansion into Blewett 242. We plan to create another lab, front desk and office space to go with another fully functioning control room! This will allow us to be more versatile, separate simulator types, create more permanent OR and ER rooms with the METI simulators and help with the flow of students and simulations in general. Plus the new rooms have windows! Yea! I will include pictures of these spaces as we get the project underway. So look for this in the next blogs.

FUN LINK….This site is another one that is all about the latest and wackiest technology. Check it out. You may wanna bookmark it. I did!

*Thanks for tuning in again folks! Spring is coming…..right?

robotodd out