Welcome New Simulationists…


In the lab recently we’ve been experiencing some growth with new members and contributors joining the simulation team. We are proud to welcome officially Lucy Bauer, Dawne-Marie Dunbar, Courtney Clark and Chris Bowe of MMC ED! The experience these folks have brought to the sim program recently has made every simulation thereafter that much more realistic.

Lucy with students and METI HPS.

Lucy Bauer has been with the Nurse Anesthesia Program for several months now and has taken the OR scenarios to the next level. As a facilitator she is engaging and thoughtful. She plays the roles and does the voices whilst orchestrating the cases she has “scripted” from her real life experience as a nurse anesthetist. She has been known to scream wildly as a pregnant patient or cry or moan as a nervous, anesthetized pre-op patient. During the scenarios she will sometimes run back and forth from control room to lab, each time as a new role. She teaches through simulation with conviction and wows her students regularly. A true one woman show.

Dawne-Marie with her plastic friend.

Dawne-Marie Dunbar has quickly infused her energy into the Nursing Program. Her OR experience is invaluable and will help shape the nursing sims to come. Before long, like Cynthia Morris, she’ll be running the cameras, doing the patient voice and answering the phone as the doc! Phew…Oh yeah, and debreif too. She’s implementing new cases for the Nursing program and learning all this new technology. Another sim geek in training!

Chris debreifing with the defibber!

We have reached an agreement with Maine Medical Center’s ER and Anesthesia Department and will be providing the simulation expertise, space and services to facilitate the training of their residents. Needless to say in the first week with Chris Bowe and his ER residents we did some pretty intense scenarios(can’t elaborate because some residents haven’t been through yet) and I had to quickly control very specific changes on the HPS ….which as some of you know is no easy task. But we persevered and have been training his folks twice a month. At any rate, Chris has been wonderful to work with and provided me with a wealth of knowledge in the few short weeks it’s been since we started simming. We welcome Maine Medical Center and their tremendous reputation to our team.

Courtney Clark is our new work study buddy and she’s cool because she helps us do the jobs we can’t get psyched to do alone …or something like that. We’d like to welcome her to the team as well. Hopefully we can rope her into playing a role in a scenario soon too. Courtney’s in the nursing program and listens to loud rock on her headphone thangs.

Again, thanks to all the new players who’ve been making it fun here in our little corner of the sim universe.

*Next post will be coming very soon and it’ll be technically oriented. -Todd

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