Getting up to speed

Welcome Simulation Enthuisiasts!
I’m excited to have the UNE SimLog up and running now! I want to try and post every week but most likely it’ll be more like every two until it becomes more routine. This will be the place where healthcare simulation enthusiasts and tech geeks come to find out the latest goings on in the Clinical SImulation Lab at the University of New England’s Westbrook College Campus (WCC).
A spinoff from the static webpages so to speak.

These posts will be informally gathered with links and pics and a sense of fun!

From week to week I’ll cover:
1. What we’ve been running for simulated scenarios(if appropriate).
2. Technical issues in the sim world.
3. Updates to the lab or the program.
4. New faculty and staff additions/accomplishments.
5. General simulation discussion topics.
6. Hotbed issues around technology in higher learning .
7. Links to other simulation programs and tech geek sites!

So, if you are new to hi fidelity healthcare simulation, then start by checking out the UNE Clinical Simulation Program website. There is alot to see and read about there so take your time and look around.

Another nice jumping off point for all kinds of simulation in general is The Human Simulation Web Community. Jeffrey Taekman is well respected in the sim community and is a featured author and editor. I think he created the site too.

That’s it for the first official post. Tune in next week.

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