Musings on Life and Teaching

On going to VT alone

Arriving to the beauty that only comes mid march here I found the road up the hill rutted, muddy, and slippery. It heaved me awkwardly across its path. The peaceful home finally emerged through the amber tones of spring. How valiantly and patiently it has waited for the return if its’ inhabitants who would welcome and warm her again. Quickly setting up the house with heat, water and fire, allowed just enough daylight to set off to stretch legs that had grown stiff from the burden of travel. Settled atop the high grassy knoll I found my breath. It has been lost for too long, saddled with the busyness of work and child rearing my chest has grown too still and it gulped in the fresh air, a welcomed stranger. Just as I rolled over to take in the vista of 360 degrees of mountain views and a strong and frozen wind greeted me with an impending storm.

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