Frustrations with iMovie

So working to assemble and edit the info from last weeks art experience has proved more frustrating than satisfactory. I am sooooo glad that I am doing this though because I can really understand now how to help the students. I will do this same exercise of practicing  with multiple platforms such as StoryForm, and perhaps youtube. I look forward to completing my Painted Book Goes Digital movie to present to our Digital Humanities class next week.


Staging Altered Book Text


From Bean’s article Chapter 6, Informal, Exploratory Writing activities, I have been inspired to develop a journal element in my Painted Book course. I have taught this course for 6 years and have never depended on in class, or outside of class writing exercises to generate content for the pages of the books. Exploratory writing exercises can be very beneficial to “discover, develop, and clarify” ideas. Particular exercises that Bean describes that could work for my project might be the guided journal, what I observed/what I thought, writing dialogues, and occasional thought exercises. Paring with these exercises students would to do free expressive sketching. These sketches would start image making that coincides with the writing.

Imperative though to the process of creating is freedom and the entire page layout must not be figured out ahead of time. So many students want to have all of the answers before beginning a creative work. This tendency inhibits spontaneous development of a work of art. Much of the work happens in response to the work that is happening on the page. The writing and the preliminary sketching is a groundwork for engaged creativity.