The Bean and Me

So the teacher asked this of us this week: Complete blog reflection on Bean and your project: How does Bean’s chapter inform your thinking about elements of your planned project? On what resources are you drawing as you work on your project?

Bean, more formally known as John C. Bean, wrote a book entitled Engaging Ideas in 1996, and we were asked to read Chapter 5; Formal Writing Assignments and relate that to projects that we might do in our courses next year that integrate the digital. I read the chapter, as the good(ish) student that I am, and found it had little to do with my “field” of teaching. But since I am interested in challenging the notion of the objective in creation and learning, I reread the chapter with a different lens. In my course,The Painted Book,  my students will not only be creating original altered and handmade books, they will be engaged in the process of creating and writing a blog, and documenting through video and photographs, how their process developed.

What I gleaned from rereading Bean’s article were the fascinating, alternative and creative, ways one can approach writing assignments or reflective responses to subjects. I particularly like the teacher prompts that ask students to write a response in the form of a letter, or a poem, or to create a mini-play. I would like students to think in terms of the beginners mind and have them be able to explore the formation and development of ideas. In my assignments I would like students to not only create original works of art I would like them, like detectives, piece out and explain the train of thoughts or stepping stones that brought them from their original inspiration to finished product.  This teasing out of their process will be explained in their blog and the product will be their end goal.

Assignments for Digital Humanities with the Painted Book

Preamble: The course, The Painted Book, will be split into classes devoted to traditional altered book and bookmaking techniques with assignments focused on integrating digital elements. These following assignments will be integrated into regular class meetings and will be followed by art making, and exploration with book making.

Digital Assignment 1: Open Word Press Blog account. Respond in the form of a 1st blog post to Chapter 1 of text; Why Greatness Cannot be Planned, the Myth of the Objective by Kenneth Stanly and Joel Lehman.

Digital Assignment 2: Create Blog post in response to latest Why Art Matters and the article; Unteaching; The return of exploration in image making. Blog writing by Sarah Gorham

Digital Assignment 3: Idea Generation: Where do ideas come from and how do we follow them. Create a Visual Map of your life experiences as a guide to your project development. Seven degrees of Separation. How did you get here from where?

Digital Assignment 4: How did you get here & from where? Create a video or photographic log of how you created your Final Painted Book Project. This assignment may take several weeks and lots of editing. You will work with an Art Buddy from our class and help each other with video and documentation. Does sound play a role in your process? Is their music when you create- will you include this in your video or as a link on your page? Do you want to do a running commentary or will words and images suffice to explain how you got here?  Include your Visual Map somewhere in this Log.

Digital Assignment 5: Presentation of our Final Painted Book Projects.


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