How to assimilate this into that

I don’t need a personal cyber infrastructure. Maybe someone does, but I sure as heck do not!  I can barely get my teeth brushed everyday and I am not convinced that having a PCI would help me get all that I need to get done in day done.  Perhaps, just perhaps, having a mini personal cyberstructure that did not keep my eyes fixated on a 13 inch plasma screen nor my bottom rooted in a chair 10 hours a day, would help me take ownership of my presence in technology.

I agree with  only a small aspect of Gardner Campbell’s article, A Personal Cyberinfrastructure, and that is that we should pull the crutches out from students and have them take over more ownership of their web presence. My website is created by Other People’s Pixels. It is an artist website where they give us an infrastructure but the entire design of the site is up to the artist. Yes I could spend an additional 900 hours working on it to make it look fabulous, but I am in charge and I lots of ways to change and rearrange. I can get to it when I have time. Which consequently is never!!

In the DS 106 assignment log I chose the assighownment BLACKMAIL, it had almost 5 star rating.  For this assignment you are supposed to take a picture with your phone camera and distort it someway so that is recognizable, but not completely recognizable. I often take pictures “by accident” and like the result, and I particularly love it when kids take pictures because they take photos from a different vantage point, and usually with novice intentions. They are funny, awkward, simple, confusing but often compelling. This is a great assignment for students to then take that image and use it for a beginning of a surrealistic painting or drawing. Many famous artists distort reality using their imagination such as Rene Magritte, Salvidor Dali, Paul Cezanne, Pablo Picasso.  Students that in particular might have a hard time stepping outside of reality in their imagination can use technology to advance their thinking.  It is easy to step out of a car and take a photo, it is art to show a perspective that makes people think and react.


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