Response to Stepping up the look

February 21, 2016

Color and curb appeal before words. First impressions are vital. As a visual learner I am very much drawn into a page by the layout, the images, the color. I like to see images and changes in font style and color. From these careful considerations I get a small insight into the person behind the page and this encourages me to look deeper. This encourages me to read.

Looking thru my wordpress blog page for ways to improve my site I came across the comments page. I had no idea I had comments on the blog that I have been making for this Digital Humanities course. I had 44 comments!!!  Considering I was very slight and controlled in my Shareaholic-ness I was surprised that my words were making their way to the public sphere. I started through them, honestly did not read all prior to deleting, and found mostly spam. I did though receive some “real” comments,  or perhaps they were just advertisements disguised as “real,” that stated my blog page was easy to look, inviting, and well written. This was somehow reassuring. My personality, my voice, even with so few weeks in the public blog environment, was making an impact of sorts.

Web 2.0
web to͞o point ˈō/
noun: Web 2.0
  1. the second stage of development of the World Wide Web, characterized especially by the change from static web pages to dynamic or user-generated content and the growth of social media.

I am happy to work within a template, and appreciate the relative freedom that Web 2.0 has allowed. It is reassuring that I do not have to design a whole page myself, and was able to plug in pictures here and there and further accessorize my site to fully represent who I can be in this given interface. I am able to present to the public, limited as it is, an “idea” of who I am. I want to shape the readers experience, by first giving them an impression of who I am in spirit, a spirit that lives separate from the words, and second using language to present opinions, ideas, arguments.

Is presentation really that powerful. Can a color really be inviting? Can images create experience? Because I chose an orange background does this make me more trustworthy or appealing? What if orange is someone’s least favorite color have I turned off a potential follower. I do not want to worry about this. Images are capable of speaking volumes.

Reading the Article The 5 Resources Model of Critical Digital Literacy helped with my understanding of the importance of digital literacy and responsibility. The “the learner needs to” list among the 5 resources listed engages how users develop awareness of the impact of presentation and creates parameters within which we can analyze digital literacy. My page falls under the Persona resource wanting to create a site that is personal and embodies both presentation and creativity within the digital exchange.






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