Response to Unsworth and Swensson Articles

To be honest I have read the articles two times and I really do not know what the articles are saying so I will be writing my official Blog will arrive after the “classroom” discussion.

In general the first article seems to be trying to describe and organize ways of seeking, analyzing, and finding digital information. I think what makes the most sense to me is the idea of discovery thru conversation of mutual interest. I think it is so important that we network and enter into dialogue with our colleagues and with students and in that dialogue new ideas and avenues of thinking are excavated. The author states that “the power of a primitive function executed across a very large pile of networked information is very great–greater, in part, because it brings you results that you don’t expect but do find significant”  Yes so returning or turning towards the basics can yield powerful and unique results when searching for information.

I can imagine using some of these listed primitives (Discovering,Annotating,Comparing, Referring, Sampling, Illustrating, Representing)  in my Painted Book course. I imagine that discovery is the primary primitive method, followed by illustrating.

More to come……

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