Rubric and assessment for Spanish 101 project

For my digital project for Spanish 101, I have devised 3 categories, based a 4-point system: 4 points (= exceeds the standards), 3 (= meets the standards), 2 (= partially meets the standards), 1 (= does not meet the standards).

1.) Vocabulary: 1-4 points. I will first experiment with usage of 25 vocabulary words or more from the chapters to achieve a 4, 15-24 words for a 3, 10-15 for a 2, under 10 for a 1.

2.) Grammar: 1-4 points. This is very difficult to quantify, given that they are beginning students of Spanish. Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that a 4 means very few grammatical errors, 3 an “acceptable” number of errors, 2 an “unacceptable” number, and 1 way too many.

3.) Project design: 1-4 points. This is perhaps easier, even though there is an “eye test” involved. 4 = well rehearsed, produced, edited. 3 = “acceptable” work, but could be better done. 2 = “unacceptable” work in terms of rehearsal, production, editing. 1 = poor quality, no time taken to rehearse, produce, or edit the video (essentially improvised).

Obviously, this is rough sketch. After a few projects, I will get a better sense of how to assess their projects. I’ll also evaluate if a 3-point system is easier, or perhaps a 5-point system is warranted.

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