Scaffolding for Spanish 101, Segunda Parte

For my dialog projects, I think I have a decent roadmap in place to work with, detailed in my previous post. My concerns and challenges are the following:

1.) Students rushing their dialogs and/or not checking their Spanish. Oftentimes, I see a complete disregard for spelling, verbal conjugations, calqued phrases from English, and vocabulary told to them by Google translator. The fix, I surmise, is to build in reviews as a safeguard to best avoid these issues.

2.) Students giving up on the technology and creating a rebellion in class: i.e. “Can’t we just do this in class? Yeah, we don’t like this either…”

3.) Should this project be on my You Tube site, or should it be on the students’ You Tube sites? There are pros and cons to each. Firsthand experience will likely answer this question.

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