Scaffolding a la Bean for Spanish 101 project

Bean’s thesis-governed technique for writing has provided me some ideas in preparing a scaffolding plan for my digital humanities assignment for Spanish 101. For my project, I want students to prepare a basic dialog in Spanish, recorded on You Tube with Spanish captions. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Choose a topic. Following Bean’s thinking, here are some ideas to direct your dialog:

School: You want to get together for coffee with a friend. Talk about each’s class schedules and classes, then find a time to meet. When you meet, talk about one of the topics below.

Family: Who are your family members and what are they like?

Clothing and Colors: You want to or are going shopping for clothes at the mall.  Pick out some clothing and colors you want to buy.

House and/or rooms: Talk about your house and/or the rooms and furniture in your house.

Step 2: Draft dialog. Use Microsoft Word and set the Language to Spanish to check for spelling. Provide draft to the instructor to check for correct vocabulary, grammar, and spelling.

Step 3: Record and edit video.

Step 4: Upload video to You Tube and edit with captions.


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