Touchdown UNE!

February 14th, 2012 by Forrest Finkler

Did you know that there are events that occur on campus over the weekend? Many organizations do offer different things on campus over the weekend and as an RA, programming is a big part of the job as well. Sometimes, a whole staff might get together to make a huge program. Some RAs might have things planned beforehand for special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day. However, on Super bowl Sunday, there is only one type of program on campus: watching the game.

My floor has both Patriots and Giants fans. So, Super bowl 46 was pretty big for my residents. Sometimes, RAs can bring their floors to events happened on campus, rather than have to come up with a new one. For me, I brought my floor to the Hang to watch the big game and enjoy free food. It was co-sponsored by the Activities Program Board (APB) and the Hang. A fellow RA and friend, Mike Sang did the same as well. APB is a huge programming organizer on campus. They bring in comedians on Thursdays, host Bingo night on Saturdays, show movies on Sundays, etc.

They also often raffle very good prizes too. My residents won a football, a shirt, DVDs and movie tickets, just by attending the program. There are events on campus, you just need to be pro-active and find them. Together, we had about 20 residents attend, which was not too bad, considering most people already made their own plans to go home and enjoy the game. As a patriots fan, it was another heartbroken day. Some of my residents went straight back to their rooms, while the Giants fans tried very hard to contain their joy. This is going to sting for a bit…

Mark Bentley won this football for attending APB’s Super Bowl Party!

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Vernon is a senior from Hong Kong who is double-majoring in Biochemistry and Medical Biology. As a second-year Resident Advisor (RA) he has assisted first-year residents in Featherman Hall and Siena Hall. In addition to being an RA, he is the Academic Affairs Senator for the Undergraduate Student Government (USG) and a Leader Scholar while doing research in a chemistry lab and working at the library as well. Vernon loves soccer and nothing comes before Manchester United. Vernon also hopes to attend medical school after graduation from UNE.