Cupcake Wars

On Sunday, March 11th, residents from all parts of campus came to participate and show off their skills in the ultimate competition: Cupcake Wars – The Sequel! Third-year Resident Advisor (RA) Elyse Johnson ran the program last year with great success, so I teamed up with her this year with high hopes for another successful program! We teamed up with the Activities Program Board (APB) and they gave us $500 to help ensure this year was even better than last year!

We spread the word by putting up advertisements on the TVs in the Campus Center and outside the café, sending out e-mails to on-campus students, and having RAs spread the word to their residents.  The day before the event Elyse and I went shopping at Wal-Mart and got to spend our $500 budget on cooking supplies, crazy ingredients, and, best of all, really great prizes!

Students arrived at 2pm on Sunday and were given their first round task to create a cupcake that included 3 of the following: instant coffee powder, bananas, cucumbers, kumquats, Swedish Fish, and orange soda. With only an hour to get their cupcakes made, the seven teams grabbed their supplies and ran off to kitchens around campus. When Elyse, Tara, who was the APB representative for the program, and I got to taste some of the cupcakes, we were blown away by how creative the teams got! We all fell in love with a team’s mocha frosting and another team’s banana flavored cupcakes. It was tough competition, but we were eventually able to narrow it down to three teams for the final round.

In the second round, teams had to include 4 of the following ingredients: tea bags, mint life savers, Doritos, garlic powder, Kit-Kats, and Campbell’s tomato soup. We gave them 45 minutes to create an entire batch of cupcakes with a spring break theme and were pleasantly surprised with the results! One team made ocean and bonfire themed cupcakes and sprinkled garlic powder on top which worked really well with the other ingredients they used. Another team cooked a Kit-Kat bar into their cupcake, which was a delicious touch once you bit into the middle of the cupcake. All teams did a fabulous job, but eventually we were able to rank the teams and let them choose from an assortment of prizes which included: cookie trays and cookbooks, picture frames and photo albums, popcorn tubs with two movies and two candies each, and fleece blankets.

Everyone who participated in this program had a lot of fun and got to meet new people. It was fun to watch people work together, both within their team and with other teams because they had to share materials and/or kitchens.  It was an enjoyable break to the average mundane Sunday that allowed residents show their creative side and RAs expose their weakness for a good cupcake. Hopefully the tradition continues next year with more teams and even bigger stakes!


Hello! My name is Ashley Tomaswick and I’m currently a junior athletic training major with aspirations to continue on in a physical therapy doctorate program. I grew up in southern New Hampshire and went to a high school that has a farm (yes, cows and all).  I’m a second year RA on Champlain 4th this year. I love meeting new people and hearing their story, which is one of the best benefits of the RA position at UNE. Along with my RA position, I’m also a gross anatomy teacher’s assistant, an officer for UNE’s Habitat for Humanity and an officer for the Athletic Training Club. I love volunteering and giving back to the community. I’m a big fan of music (especially music you can dance to), NCIS, taking pictures, and anything Harry Potter related.

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