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The Text Encoding Initiative work was a very difficult process.  I  read scans of actual Henery David Thoreau writing and I had to translate them.

I blogged about my experience here.

The finished project came out like this:

Text encoding 0169

Omeka Site

The Saco River Estuary project is a project focused on studying the rich biodiversity of the River as well as how to sustain the river in the future.  Scientists and students from the University of New England and the Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve collaborated with local residents to provide answers.

For the Omeka project I worked on, I was in charge of showcasing the media, publications, and the flyers/other public work that were involved with the Saco River Project.  Here is a link to the Omeka page.

Saco River Estuary

Remediation Project

For my remediation project I had to remediate a former project by changing it’s medium.  I took a art project I did and I turned it into a narrated slide show.

YouTube Preview Image

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