Learning Outcomes

The Communications Department at UNE expects its majors to meet the following learning outcomes. I demonstrate that I have met these objectives through the various writing and research projects I have undertaken as a major.

Demonstrate oral communication skills expected of a future professional in the field.

  • Effectively speak in public settings. 
  • Apply advance decision-making processes within groups
  • Negotiate and collaborate effectively

Demonstrate written communication skills expected of a future professional in the field.

  • Write for specific purposes and situations
  • Write informatively, persuasively and cleary

Use current technology related to the communication field effectively and ethically.

  • Use a range of applications software effectively
  • Use communication technology effectively and ethically in a professional setting
  • Understand the limitations of technology

Competently employ digital media in professional settings as an effective communication tool.

  • Have a working knowledge of media story structure
  • Create media content that communicates effectively using a variety of tools
  • Contribute to the production of media content by serving in different roles and working effectively in teams.

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