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This week we were assigned a chapter on integrating writing into our courses. Writing is one of my favorite topics to think about. I spend a considerable amount of time thinking about student writing because I assign writing in all of my courses, and often struggle with how to improve student writing. The problem I face is how to include more writing while continuing to include the same amount of content. In most history courses, we are expected to cover a set chronological time frame. Slowing down to focus on writing would be greatly beneficial to the student, but would make it challenging to cover all the ground we need to cover.

I especially appreciate the author’s advice on breaking down the writing project into a series of short writing assignments. This is what I advise students writing research papers or their thesis. Again, I think it would be beneficial to students working on short papers, but wonder how I can do it without sacrificing the content. This is especially important because the strong writers in the course may be eager to jump in and do more reading, more focuses discussion on the content, and may feel discouraged/bored if we were to focus on types of writing that they already “mastered” in Eng. Comp.

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