Video Portrait of Sue: Part 3 of 3

Sue lives in Saco, Maine, with a diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis (currently in remission). Realizing that she is not alone in her experience of chronic pain, she started the Chronic Pain Support Group of Southern Maine.

This video is a product of a collaboration between Lindsay St. Louis, Senior Undergraduate Neuroscience Major, Old Town, ME and Mike D’Apice, Communications Major/Art Minor graduate both of the University of New England. Lindsay started volunteering for the Chronic Pain Support Group of Southern Maine last fall, and her connections with the members of the group have enabled her to lead this video narrative project.  Mike is a freelance videographer, proficient in the video production process from shooting to video editing, and the art of visual storytelling. See more of his work HERE. Lindsay and Mike will join several other UNE students in presenting their narratives at the 11th Annual UNE Interprofessional Spring Symposium: The Science of Pain and the Art of Healing.

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