The First Responders

Emily Corey

They are the first to witness the curtain rise
and see first hand this terrible act,
The opening reveal with bleeding limp bodies
tossed across the street like confetti.
With sharp jagged objects protruding from their skin
bodies look more like porcupines than humans,
yet their screams pierce the ear just the same
and remind us what true fear is.

They are the first the rip down the barriers
that keep the people of Boston from safety,
the first to lift the blood stained bodies
and look into the eyes of shock,
and first to hold the family member’s hand
who fights to grasp their injured loved one
or run with the rest to escape the terror,
but that hand serves to calm the wildness and anchor stability.

They are the first to give peace of mind,
working tirelessly like dogs to end it all.
Selflessly throwing their lives in danger
and they succeed within a matter of days,
to put out the fire that was chaos
and rallied the great together city as one.
They saved countless lives and settled the terror
and re-established peace.

But their most important contribution,
was reminding us that there is more good in the world,
and more light present than could ever be covered up
by darkness.