About the Poems

The First Responders” is one of two poems Emily Corey wrote in response to the bombings in Boston. Here Corey carefully depicts the reality this intrepid group faces and honors their invaluable contributions during a time of crisis.

Krista Burr’s “For Boston” pantoum traces the chaos and resilient spirit of humanity that followed the bombings. Just as the title suggests, the poem is dedicated to the city and the people of Boston.

Emily Corey’s second poem, a pantoum titled “People of Boston,” echoes her first and expands into detailed acts of heroism. Corey captures the fears and agony the city endured while arriving at a sense of hope at the poem’s conclusion.

Jordan Desousa’s concise pantoum is grounded in the spirit of Patriots’ Day, weaving together the sadness and toughness that resides in the soul of the city. Appropriately, the poem takes its title from the ubiquitous mantra that emerged in the aftermath of the bombings: “Boston Strong.”

Britney Broderick’s stirring poem reminds us that despite horrific tragedy, we are in the presence of beauty each day. The dark images portrayed here are contrasted by the poem’s enduring refrain and title, “There is Beauty.”