Preparing for the Coming Year

August 14th, 2012 by Dean Gayle Brazeau

Summer Greetings from the College of Pharmacy.  I hope you, your family and friends are enjoying the summer season.  My summer vacation took me and my husband, Dan on a river cruise down the Danube through Germany and Austria.  One of the most interesting aspects of this tour was the opportunity to see the many pharmacies (apothecaries) in Germany and Austria with often two or three around each village center.  This brought to mind one of the most special aspects of our College of Pharmacy, the diversity of our students in the program and the opportunities we have to learn from each others in the College.  Learning is truly done in a community environment and it is these interactions that enrich each of our lives.  Thanks to everyone’s efforts we are successfully continuing to full accreditation status.


We held a College of Pharmacy Faculty and Staff Retreat during late July and the first of August.  During these separate sessions faculty members had opportunities to develop our skills as educators and teachers; our staff members benefited from professional development activities.  The programming was developed through the efforts of our Faculty and Staff Development Committees.
The College of Pharmacy is busy during August gearing up for the 2012-2013 academic year.  Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Admissions, Dr. Jean Woodward, is working with colleagues at UNE in the planning for the 2012 Orientation for our incoming Class of 2016 who will be starting at the end of August.  It is amazing that we will now have all four classes in the College.  Students in the Class of 2013 are now well into their advanced pharmacy practice experiences.  In a wink of an eye, we will be celebrating the graduation of our first class in May 2013.

In conclusion, summer is always a great time in Maine but we are certainly looking forward to our new academic year.  I remain truly thankful for the many talented students, faculty members, staff members and preceptors who dedicate time and effort each day for the College, for pharmacy, for advancing patient care and for research in Maine.  I hope all of you will have the time to relax during this summer either through some time away on vacation or just at home enjoying this fine Maine summer.  I look forward to sharing my stories about our cruise down the Danube River from Nuremberg to Vienna.  Auf Wiedersehen from the River Danube.