Energetic Start to the New Year

Warm and friendly greetings from the College of Pharmacy during January and as we start 2012.  I hope you and your family and friends had an excellent holiday season.  As we start the spring 2012 semester, it is exciting knowing the many happenings that will be occurring in the months to come.  We will be offering courses for students in the third professional year which include a focus on additional pharmacotherapeutics, clinical pharmacokinetics, advanced drug information and outcomes research.  The College will also be offering a series of new elective courses for students in all professional years.  We are looking forward to our spring awards ceremony, chartering our Phi Lambda Sigma – The National Pharmacy Leadership Society chapter, the second pharmacy gala and charity event as well as a program to recognize students as they move on to their advanced pharmacy practice experiences.  Students and faculty members will attend the American Pharmacists Association Annual Meeting in New Orleans in March.  Our next accreditation visit will also occur in the middle of March.

Our faculty members continue to advance their scholarly activities.  Dr. Lisa Pagnucco recently represented the College of Pharmacy at the “Collaborating across Borders” meeting which focused on interprofessional collaboration from concepts to preparation to practice.  Dr. Leslie Ochs has received grant support from the University of New England Office of Patient and Population Oriented Research to investigate the factors affecting antipsychotic medication use in children and adolescents in Maine.

In Jon Gordon’s 20 tips for a positive 2012 he mentions the importance to “Live with the 3 E’s: Energy, Enthusiasm and Empathy,” “Stay Positive” and “Take a Walk of Gratitude or Thankfulness Each Day.”  As I read these tips, it occurred to me that these traits of energy, enthusiasm, empathy and positivity are exactly the traits of our dedicated students, faculty, staff, administrators, community members, organizations and preceptors that have contributed to the success of the College over the last few years.  I am honored to enjoy walks of gratitude each day through the College; I experience enthusiasm daily as we all work together to educate pharmacists that you will want on your team.

Finally, I would encourage you to watch an excellent video on You-Tube that clearly demonstrates the energy, enthusiasm, empathy and positive nature of our students.  This video was produced by our students for the 2011 PharmFlix and can be found HERE.  I hope you, your family, friends and colleagues will have an excellent start to 2012.  I would enjoy the opportunity to talk with you to answer any additional questions or if you would like any other additional updates about the College. I can be reached at gbrazeau@une.edu or 207-221-4500.

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  1. Gayle Brazeau says:

    Congratulations UNE ASP Chapter for being selected in the top 15 2012 APhA-ASP PharmFlix Best Video! Bravo! Well Done.

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