A Look at the Class of 2015

October 12th, 2011 by Dean Gayle Brazeau

College of Pharmacy, Portland, Maine

Greetings from the College of Pharmacy. The fall 2011 semester is off to a terrific and exciting start! Our entering class, the Class of 2015, have easily integrated themselves into the life of our College. Our pool of candidates for the class was very strong with 865 individual applicants to the program. The Class of 2015 has 100 students of which 76 are females and 24 are males with an average age of 24.3 years old; their overall math/science GPA being 3.20.  We are very fortunate to have 22 students join us after completing their pre-pharmacy studies at the University of New England Biddeford Campus.  64 students have completed a bachelor’s degree and one has completed a master’s degree.  The Class of 2015 joins us from throughout the country and world. This class includes 20 students from Maine and 37 students from New England.  In addition, we have in this class, 27 students who have joined us from California, 5 students who come from Texas, and 5 students from New York.  Other students hail from the Northeast and Mid-coast Eastern states (3), from the Southeast and Southern states (7), from the Midwest states (6), from the Southwestern states (2),  from the Western states and Alaska (5) and from Kenya (1).  The Class of 2015 joins their colleagues in maintaining our culture of an ethnically diverse college.

We will officially welcome these students to the profession of pharmacy during the White Coat Ceremony on October 15, 2011. This White Coat Ceremony will be the capstone event to a series of activities on Friday and Saturday.  The Class of 2015 and their families are invited to a reception on Friday then ‘Pharmacy 101’ and a student organization fair on Saturday. We are hosting all these events on our beautiful Portland Campus.

As I reflect on the history of the College, it is clear that the success of the College of Pharmacy over the last few years occurred only through the dedicated support of the many preceptors and friends of the College. We are truly appreciative of your support as a preceptor and friend of the College.  It is your support that has enabled the students, faculty and staff to be successful in our efforts to educate pharmacists you want on your team.  We remain committed to educating pharmacists that are patient centered in a team environment, focused on service to their communities in their professional and personal activities and are committed to providing the best evidenced-based care to their patients.  While we have been very successful in all our achievements, there is so much more on the horizon that is exciting. It will require the dedicated effort and service of all as we continue to advance the College and our educational, research, clinical and service missions.  Thank you for being a part of the UNE Family and Team.  I think this idea of service to each other was clearly articulated by the words of Mahatma Gandhi who reminded us that, “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Thank you for your service and commitment to the University of New England College of Pharmacy.