Lab news and events

2/7/19–Nice article today in the Courier on our small museum collection.

1/11/19–Sometimes tough conversations at a backyard BBQ produce science! A friend and I talked long about the foraging success of her outdoor cat.  This conservation resulted in her contacting me whenever the cat brought home whole birds…. well, one of these birds was a highly unusual record and now a paper in press at Northeastern Naturalist:

Perlut, N.G.. In press. Latest record of a migrating Connecticut Warbler in New England. Northeastern Naturalist.

1/8/19–Wow, hugely honored to be part of this 49 author collaboration meta-analysis on the effects of geolocators on small birds just accepted for publication.  Huge high five to Vojtěch for making it all happen!

Brlík, Vojtěch et al. (49 co-authors). In press. Small effect of geolocators on small birds: a meta-analysis controlled for phylogeny and publication bias. Journal of Animal Ecology.

12/27/18–Super excited that Jenna Cava’s second these chapter was just accepted at PLOS ONE:

Cava et al2019_PLOS ONE

12/24/18–Congrats to this awesome team of migration Bobolinks–Roz Renfew, Mike Cadman, Dan Kim and me.  Paper just accepted to Wilson Journal of Ornithology.

Renfrew, R.B., M. Cadman, D. Kim, and N.G. Perlut. In press. Migration strategies of a long-distance migratory songbird across a continental breeding range. In press. Wilson Journal of Ornithology.

10/30/18–Fun story featuring our roof-top gull project on New Center Maine Channel 6 News last night.

9/6/18–Great article out today in the Biddeford Courier on our Project Squirrel.

8/19/18–Excited to share a new paper in The Auk describing transoceanic flights by Bobolinks.  Love these birds.  Love unraveling their mysteries.

8/10/18–New paper out with lab alum Emily Filiberti (UNE Environmental Science, 2017) Filiberti & Perlut 2018_Northeastern Naturalist exploring the timing of movements by Blackpoll Warblers during fall migration along the New England coast.

8/8/18–Excellent article in today’s Chronicle of Higher Education describing our bird glass project.

8/2/18–Talking roof-top nesting gulls at Seventy Five State Street in Portland, ME.  This is one of our newer study sites in the city–so excited to talk to the residents there about the birds on the roof.

6/10/18–Super excited to share Perlut et al IJP_Parasites&Wildlife — our work exploring parasite transmission by migrating Bobolinks while on stopover on the Galapagos Islands.

6/4/18–So much fun talking grassland bird conservation and life-history at Shelburne Farms tonight.  Thanks for having me!!

5/1/18–The Terrestrial Wildlife students and I presented an analysis of the first year of data for the GapTracks project at Cabela’s, hosted by the Friends of the Scarborough Marsh.  There are a number of videos (including drone footage) in the talk, but it is too large of a file to post here.  See the Facebook page for videos or email me for a PDF.

4/13/18–The Perlut Lab is invading the Northeast Natural History Conference in Burlington, VT!  Kylie Denny and Kylee DiMaggio are presenting papers on their fascinating projects looking at the reproductive benefits of natal philopatry (No reproductive benefits of natal philopatry in Dolichonyx oryzivorus (Bobolinks) and Passerculus sandwichensis (Savannah Sparrows)) and consequences of divorce (Consequences of Divorce on Reproductive Success of Nesting Grassland Songbirds in Vermont).  Allan Strong and I are giving a paper on our work using natal philopatry as a conservation model and tool.

4/5/18–Talking roof-top nesting by gulls tonight at the Thomas Memorial Library in Cape Elizabeth–630pm.

3/22/18–I wrote a guest blog for the Natural Resources Council of Maine on the recently completed UNE bird-glass project–fun little writing project.

3/5/18–So many thanks to the Galipeau family for their continued support of undergraduate research on our grassland bird project.

3/1/18–Tons of fun being the guest page turner at Bowdoin College today for their Audubon elephant folio.  What an amazing book.  Love talking about red-headed woodpeckers.

2/27/18–Super excited–Emily Filiberti’s class research project (Avian Ecology) just accepted for publication in Northeastern Naturalist:

Filiberti, E. and N.G. Perlut.  In press. Age-specific differences in body condition and migratory timing of blackpoll warblers (Setophaga striata). Northeastern Naturalist.

12/7/17–I’m giving a talk tonight on Squirrelology at the Thomas Memorial Library in Cape Elizabeth, ME.  Details here.

11/2/17–Many thanks to the continued support by Zero Gravity Craft Brewery!

10/2/17–New paper out in a themed edition of Northeastern Naturalist: Agricultural Landscapes.  Fun paper! Sutti, F., Strong, A., and N. Perlut. 2017. A multicriteria decision analysis for identifying priority conservation areas for grassland birds.  Northeastern Naturalist 24:99-118.

9/30/17–Massive high five to Kylie Denny, Kylee DiMaggio and Katie Kos for their amazing posters at the the summer research symposium.  What could be more exciting that learning about bird divorce (Kylee DiMaggio 2017 Summer Research Syposium), the costs or benefits of having babies close to where you were born (Kylie Denny 2017 SURE), and birds that eat mosquitoes (Mosquito_summer research symposium_2017_KOS)?

8/10/17–Hugely excited to announce that the Perlut Lab received a Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Act grant from U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.  Super exciting work for the next few years!

8/5/17–Thanks to Daniel Mennill, David Bonter and Nathaniel Wheelwright for nominating me to become an Elective Member of the American Ornithological Society.  And thanks to all the AOS members for voting me in!

7/1/17–Exciting to present my collaborative work with Anthony Levesque on Antillean Nighthawk migration and wintering grounds at the BirdCarribbean International Meeting in Cuba!  See the poster Levesque & Perlut 2017_BirdsCaribbean International Conference.

5/6/17–Bobolink Saison is back on tap at Zero Gravity Craft Brewery, Burlington, VT!  The beer is also getting bottled–with a bottle release party scheduled for June 14.  BE THERE!!!

5/5/17–Another big shout out to Emily Filiberti (17 Environmental Science) and Jess Kane (17 Animal Behavior) for amazing posters today at the College of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Research Symposium.  So proud of you both!!

4/15/17–Sweet paper just accepted by The Condor.  This work has been a long time coming, and patiently led by collaborator extraordinaire Roz Renfrew, Vermont Center for Ecostudies.

Renfrew J.M. Hill, D.H. Kim, C. Romanek, and N.G. Perlut. In press. Winter diet of multiple breeding populations of a long-distance migratory grassland bird using feather isotopes. The Condor.

3/24/17–Big shout out to amazing Perlut lab undergrads Emily Filiberti (17 Environmental Science) and Jess Kane (17 Animal Behavior) the conference Adapt, Adopt, Advance: Resiliency in Natural Resource Management, which was jointly hosted by New England Society of American Foresters, Northeastern Forest Pest Council and the Maine Chapter of The Wildlife Society. Here are their posters: Emily (grassland birds; Blackpoll Warblers) Jess (Kane Final Poster).

3/22/17–Thanks for Oakhurst Dairy for their continued generous support of tracking Bobolinks between their dairy farm summer homes and Argentine winter fields!  This the second year of support by Oakhurst.

1/26/17–Double up! Our work identifying the migration route and wintering location of Caribbean Martin was accepted today AND our first paper from the 2016 Galapagos trip came out.  Yehaw!

Perlut, N.G., T. Klak, and E. Rakhimberdiev. In press. Geolocator data reveals the migration route and wintering location of the Caribbean Martin. Wilson Journal of Ornithology.

Perlut, N.G. and R.B. Renfrew. 2016. Bobolink autumn migration stopover on Galapagos. Wilson Journal of Ornithology 128:935-938.

10/1/16–Great talks by Perlut lab undergrads Emily Filiberti and Kady Winsor at the College of Arts and Sciences Research Symposium!

8/18/16–Busy times at the North American Ornithology Congress.  Gave a talk on grassland songbird first-year survival and dispersal; also Peggy Friar presented our roof-top gull work from Waterbirds.

8/1/16–Thanks to the Eppley Foundation for their generous support of our grassland bird research!

7/12/16–The Bobolink Saison release party is happening now!  Be at Zero Gravity Craft Brewery!

6/2/16–2 fun things to report.  First, I wrote a guest blog for Shelburne Farms about grassland birds:

Second, I’m crazy excited to announce that Zero Gravity Craft Brewery of Burlington, VT, is making a Bobolink beer to support our geolocator work.  I helped brew it yesterday!!!

5/2/16–Super psyched to announce a paper just accepted on first-year survival rates of Bobolinks and Savannah Sparrows–Allan Strong and I have been working on this one for a while, and its a center piece to the long-term project.

Perlut, N.G. and A.M. Strong. In press. Comparative analysis of factors associated with first-year survival in two species of migratory songbirds. Journal of Avian Biology.

4/15/16–Congrats to Jenna Cava–her first thesis chapter was accepted this morning by Animal Behaviour!  Woop woop!

Cava, J.A., N.G. Perlut, and S.E. Travis. In press. Why Come Back Home?  Investigating the Intrinsic and Extrinsic Proximate Factors that Influence Natal Philopatry in Migratory Passerines. Animal Behaviour.

3/10/16–Thanks Tom Franklin for inviting me onto his thoughtful podcast to talk about grassland bird ecology and conservation:

3/9/16–Thanks to the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust for inviting me to speak about the Galapagos Bobolink parasite project.  Great fun and such a sweet place to talk about birds and the Galapagos!

2/16/16–Headed up to the Merryspring Nature Center in Camden, ME, to give a talk on our UNE Biological Control of Mosquitoes project.  1sts talk on this project; should be fun.

2/6/16–1st paper from last Fall’s trip to Galapagos just accepted!  Woop wooop!

Perlut, N.G. and R.B. Renfrew. In press. Bobolink autumn migration stopover on Galapagos. Wilson Journal of Ornithology.

12/1/15–Thanks to the awesome people at Oakhurst Dairy for their award to help track Bobolinks on their dramatic migration.

11/12/15–Just back from an amazing field trip to Galapagos to search for and try to catch Bobolinks while stopping over on the islands.  Trying to see if they are carrying parasites to the island (see our recently accepted 2nd paper on this issue: Levin, I.I., R.X. Baumann, D.H. Kim, N.G. Perlut, R.B. Renfrew, P.G. Parker. 2016. Local parasite lineage sharing in temperate grassland birds provides clues about potential origins of Galapagos avian Plasmodium. Ecology and Evolution.(journal cover manuscript).

A total miracle occurred on San Cristobal, and we caught 9 birds.  Blood is in the lab now, details forthcoming…..

9/15–A new publication, all that the world wants to know about Bobolinks…..

Rosalind, R., A.M. Strong, N.G. Perlut, S.G. Martin and T.A. Gavin. 2015. Bobolink (Dolichonyx oryzivorus), The Birds of North America Online (A. Poole, Ed.). Ithaca: Cornell Lab of Ornithology; Retrieved from the Birds of North America Online: doi:10.2173/bna.176

8/15–Congrats to lab alum Jenna Cava for getting a sweet job.  Details coming.

7/15–Jenna did it again.  Gave another talk at the Annual Meeting of the American Ornithologist Union and Cooper Ornithological Society in Norman, OK.

7/15– Jenna Cava get a talk Why come back home? Investigating the factors that influence natal philopatry in migratory passerines.
The Association of Field Ornithologists, the Society of Canadian Ornithologists / Société des ornithologistes du Canada, and the Wilson Ornithological Society will hold their joint annual meetings at Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada, from 15 – 19 July 2015.

6/15 — Congrats to Jenna Cava for defending her fascinating MS thesis.  We need to find a way to keep in you around!

2/25/15– happy to announce the collaborations on the gull project has recently resulted in two manuscripts being accepted to a special gull-focused edition of Waterbirds.

Perlut, N.G., D.N. Bonter, J.C. Ellis, and M.S. Friar. In press. Little cost to roof-top nesting in a declining population of Herring Gulls (Larus argentatus) Waterbirds (invited submission for special edition).

Robertson, G.J., Roul, S., Allard, K.A., Pekarik, C., Lavoie, R.A., Ronconi, R.A., Ellis, J., Perlut, N., Diamond, A. W. and N. Benjamin. In press. Morphological Variation Among Great Black-backed Gulls and Herring Gulls in North America. Waterbirds (invited submission for special edition).

1/26/15–Congrats to Molly Meserve, her thesis was just accepted for publication!

Meserve, M.M., K.A. Ono and N.G. Perlut. Brood provisioning and nest survival in the Great Blue Heron (Ardea Herodias). Northeastern Naturalist.

1/5/15-Thanks to D. Galipeau for continued support of the grassland program–two more students to hire this summer.

10/20/14-Perlut received a grant from Audubon Toyota TogetherGreen, Community farming of grassland birds: a collaboration between a local Audubon chapter, landowners, land managers, and university researchers.

This grant gives a big boost to our geolocator work–connecting landowners with the life-histories of individual birds breeding on their property.

10/18/14-An early view of David Rankin’s paper is now up on Forest Ecology and Management.

9/25/14-Congrats to David Rankin–his thesis, THE EFFECTS OF FOREST STAND IMPROVEMENT PRACTICES ON OCCUPANCY AND ABUNDANCE OF FOREST BREEDING BIRDS, was just acccepted for publication by Forest Ecology and Management.

7/5/14-A nice article in the Portland Press Herald featuring our roof-top nesting gull work today.

6/2/14-Congrats to David Rankin on a successful (and stellar!) MS defense!

5/26/14-Shane Murphy (undergraduate Environmental Science) and David Rankin (MS) are presenting their work at the Wilson/Association of Field Ornithologists meeting in Newport, RH.

4/12/14–The Perlut Lab is storming the 70th Annual Northeast Fish & Wildlife Conference in Portland, ME.

Jenna Cava: Why come back home? Investigating the factors that influence natal philopatry in migratory passerines. NEAFWA Philopatry Poster Final.

Cassandra Smith: The Effects of Latitudinal Variation on the Body Size of the Black-Capped Chickadee: A  Test of Bergmann’s Rule. NEAFWA Poster_Cassandra_Smith_FINAL_EDITS

Shane Murphy: Factors that affect tidal marsh bird diversity in the saco estuary of Southern Maine. Murphy_Symposium Poster 70thNE FW_ngp comments

David Rankin: The effects of forest stand improvement practices on forest breeding avian occupancy and abundance in Vermont.

Noah Perlut: Long-term analysis of the factors that affect first-year and adult songbird survival


4/3/2014–A paper on grassland bird nestling sex ratios from a long, collaborative project just came out in the Auk! Perlut, N.G., S.E. Travis, K. Dunbar@, A.M. Strong and D. Wright@. 2014. Nestling sex ratios support long-term parity in two species with varying life-history strategies. The Auk. 131:224-234.

@ undergraduate co-authors

3/29/2014–Congrats to Jenna Cava for getting another paper from her undergrad days accepted!  Cava, J.A., J.D. Riddle, and R.P. Thiel. Apparent survival of woodpeckers and nuthatches in Wisconsin. Northeastern Naturalist.

11/20/13–Congrats to Jenna Cava for her recent grant (Does local recruitment run in the family? Examining the influence of genetic, social and ecological factors on local recruitment in a migratory songbird) from the Nuttall Ornithological Club! Now get in the lab and genotype those Savannah Sparrows!

11/15/13–Congrats to Jenna Cava for getting a paper accepted in the Journal of Raptor Research from her undergraduate work at Stevens-Point: Breeding range expansion of taiga Merlins (Falco columbarius) reflects continental dynamic

11/13/13–Thanks to Richard Primack for an amazing visit to campus.  His visit certainly inspired me to see if anyone know of any historical bird data for southern Maine?