Emily Filiberti

Emily joined the lab during the summer after her freshman year (2014), working on the grassland project in her native state of Vermont.  In the 2016 summer, Emily chased Bobolinks and Savannah Sparrows, studying patterns of natal dispersal across the region.  In Fall 2016, in Advanced Field Methods in Avian Ecology and Conservation, Emily wrote an interesting paper on Blackpoll Warbler stopover ecology.  This project grew into a paper to be submitted for publication in summer 2017.  Along with her grassland bird work, Emily presented her Blackpoll work at the Adapt, Adopt, Advance: Resiliency in Natural Resource Management conference, which was jointly hosted by New England Society of American Foresters, Northeastern Forest Pest Council and the Maine Chapter of The Wildlife Society.  In her spare time she can be found 1) birding with her mom, and 2) explaining Darwinian evolution through the politics of Bernie Sanders (yes, really). Emily is an Environmental Science major, graduating in Spring 2017.  Emily Filiberti