The effects of soil erosion can be better understood when visualizing how they negatively impact peoples in Western Kenya. Here are a few photos taken on sight to help demonstrate the importance of NYADEC’s work.



The picture below shows the effects of erosion on local farmers and their land. As you can see, the gully has made its way past the fence that had previously been used to combat the erosion by controlling livestock. Erosion has seriously impacted many of the individuals who live off the land.



A NYADEC tree/plant nursery, which will be eventually planted for vegetative buffers to combat erosion.



This picture shows CEO Peter Nyabua with Asao trust members and the press at an aloe vera site.



Here is another display of the destructive effects of soil erosion.



This farmer’s land was completely encroached by the erosion in the photo above, so much so that the only choice was to abandon his house.



In the distance you can see the farmer’s new house, but yet again the gullies that are formed by erosion are steadily making their way towards his property yet again.



NYADEC is eagerly working with numerous stakeholders of the land so that the effects of soil erosion can be minimized for the people who rely on the land. In this photo NYADEC members can be seen working with their contacts from the World Bank.